Cover Size


Here is a database to check the length of your automobile. CLICK UltimateSPECS

When checking a truck, ensure you choose the cab and bed options for your truck to get the correct length.

Trucks and Tweeners

If your car, truck or SUV is a “tweener” (i.e. Kia Soul (car? SUV?)) or is right on the dimension of one size and another size, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the chat window at the bottom right hand of your screen or at

Please make sure to provide us the year, make, model and any other relevant details in the request. We’ll make the judgment call for you on which size/version to choose.

If you have a truck, with all the “cab” and “bed” options available today, we recommend using a measuring tape from bumper to bumper to be sure of the length.

If your truck has a body lift, suspension lift, or a bed cap that is as tall as the roof of the truck, please contact us at, so we can ensure that the right size is selected. 

Truck System Size Examples