Daily Planet - The Discovery ChannelHAIL PROTECTOR featured on ‘DAILY PLANET: INVENT THIS!’ on ‘DISCOVERY’ channel Canada. See everything from soup cans and coconuts to pavestones and a watermelon dropped from 30 feet onto HAIL PROTECTOR.
The Weather ChannelThe Weather Channel interviews the developers of The HAIL PROTECTOR System, on multiple occasions, about it’s operation and benefits:
ABC-KOCO 5 Oklahoma CityHAIL PROTECTOR featured on KOCO TV ABC5 in Oklahoma City (45 mph winds)
CBS DFW 11HAIL PROTECTOR system featured on CBS DFW, April 2016 Click To View
NBC DFW 5"MY 2 Cents" CBS 9 Oklahoma. Click To View
NBC DFW 5HAIL PROTECTOR system featured on Dallas Forth Worth 5 on April 2016. Click To View
NBC 5HAIL PROTECTOR system featured on WMC Memphis Tennessee. Andy Wise series "Will it Work?" Click To View
FOX 25HAIL PROTECTOR featured on KOKH TV FOX25 in Oklahoma City Click to view: FOX25 Feature on The Hail Protector
The History Channel, November 2012